Saturday, January 4, 2014

Readathon update 2

16 hours in, and aside from some time on line procrastinating, I've continued reading Magic Mountain tonight.  It's a dense novel, not one to blow through.  I've seen comments from others in the readathon saying they've read two or three or four books--wow.  I don't have anything like the reading speed to pull that off. The greatest benefit of starting a difficult novel during this event is that I have a strong sense of the rhythm and voice of the novel.  I think that would be harder to get by reading it in 20 page chunks.

I have also done things throughout the day with the family--I haven't completely secluded myself.  I read more of The Hobbit out loud to my youngest son, took time to lose in ping pong to my other two sons, and talked with everyone in the house.  I do wonder what it would be like to try to sequester myself for 24 hours to focus exclusively on reading, but I'm happy with how the day went.

Final wrap up tomorrow after 7am.

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