Monday, January 6, 2014

A diversion--the National Championship game

More on books in my next post, for now a slightly different topic . . .

I'm a big Auburn football fan, as are my wife (alum), my father-in-law (alum who lives with us), and my sons. We're all disappointed tonight after watching Auburn lose to FSU in the BCS national championship game, 34-31.  The bottom line is that Auburn had control of the game and let it slip away.  In part, I think Nick Marshall tried to be the hero late in the third and through the fourth, and made some bad reads as a result.  His interception turned the game, I think--after that, even though Auburn didn't trail until late in the fourth, it seemed like they were on their way to a loss.  Auburn relied too much on the passing game in the third, and I think that hurt as well. 

There was much to be proud of tonight as an Auburn fan:  Tre Mason is simply incredible, the Auburn defense showed FSU that they had played an entire season against inferior ACC defenses, and Nick Saban was at the desk for the pregame/halftime discussions instead of on the sidelines coaching (War Eagle!).

Malzahn brought Auburn back to excellence, and he is the foundation for a lot of years of successful Auburn football.  Ultimately, it's still hard to wrap my head around the fact that Auburn was 3-9 in 2012 and came within a field goal of winning the national championship in 2013.  That's an incredible turnaround, and it shows what a really effective, compelling leader can accomplish in a short time. 

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