Sunday, January 5, 2014

Final Readathon totals

Here are my final totals for the readathon:

The Magic Mountain:  150 pages
The Two Towers:  58 pages
Palace Walk:  didn't read it
Total:  208 pages for the day

It's a decent total for me, but not the highest I've ever recorded.  As I said,  The Magic Mountain is a dense novel that requires careful attention.  I'm enjoying it, but it's not something to race through.  One benefit of the event, of course, is that it focused my attention on that novel for a full day.  Without it, and this will be a challenge as I continue reading it, it would have been easy to set it aside after 20-30 pages.  It's definitely not a novel to read in 20-30 page chunks every couple of days.

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