Sunday, June 22, 2014

Follow-up: What are you reading on your for summer vacation?

After I wrote the last post about my book selections for the beach trip, I decided to be conservative. I did load up the Kindle, but I grabbed only a couple of non-Henry James books.  I was quite pleased with myself on the road the first day, as I sat in the back of the van and read.  I completed one of the two books on Henry James, and pulled out the John  Le Carre novel I had packed at the last minute.  After reading a couple of pages, I realized that I had read it already, during our beach week two years earlier.  So I don't have one really fun book to read.  I have a couple of other books in addition to the Kindle books, so I won't lack for reading.  It's just that I was really looking forward to another Le Carre novel. 

When we arrived at the beach house last night, I realized I had made one other, possibly bigger, mistake in my preparations for the trip:  I had forgotten to pack a bathing suit.  That, as the young people say, is an epic fail.  Swimming in the ocean in over-sized basketball shorts just isn't as pleasant.  But then again, I am at the ocean in the first place, so it's nothing really.

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